our Story

Pink Barre strives to be a fitness and lifestyle concept with high quality, effective and safe programming for all clients. We believe in sustainability and have a keen focus on eco-friendly products and materials throughout our inspirationally designed studios. We are committed to our clients’ success and will provide personalized attention supported with enthusiastic guidance. We invite you to come experience a class at one of our beautiful Atlanta studios located in Buckhead or Virginia Highlands.

The Pink Barre Workout

Pink Barre is a barre-based total body workout that is a foundational exercise program combining core elements of pilates, isometric strengthening, ballet, and yoga while using the ballet barre for support. We emphasize proper alignment with movements emanating from the core. Clients will conduct precise, low-impact movements that will focus and work muscles to fatigue. We follow this with targeted muscle stretch to produce toned and balanced muscles at your arms, thighs, seat and core areas. Classes are traditionally 55 minutes in duration, efficiently programmed and set to motivational playlists. Results will be achieved typically after a single month of Pink Barre classes or as quickly as 9 classes!

Our Philosophy & Values

Our Mission Statement: Empower women through the Pink Barre workout while creating a connected and informed wellness community

We have a sincere commitment for continuous improvement in our programming and will be frequently updating and modifying our class delivery in order to achieve superior results for our clients.

The benefits of barre-based workouts include:

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Muscle balance is achieved around major joints

  • Core strength

  • Improved posture and alignment

  • Long, lean, fit physique

our core values

Connection - investing time and energy into the relationships and community that nourishes us

Creativity - constantly programming with new insights and innovations

Enthusiasm - excited and eager to inspire you to reach your goals

Passion - love of the Pink Barre workout and its results

Learning + Growth - always working to improve and further our best in class fitness education