Our classes

We offer a variety of classes to meet all of your fitness needs! All of our classes are either 55 minutes or 45 minute express.


Pink barre Classic

Pink Barre Classic is our signature 55 minute barre-based total body workout that combines core elements of pilates, isometric strengthening, ballet, and yoga while using the ballet barre for support.  By eliminating momentum, focusing on one specific muscle at a time we maximize the work and the toning effect resulting in sculpted and lean arms, seat, thighs and core muscles.


Pink barre Express

45-minute Pink Barre Classic! Still a full body workout with a faster flow to each muscle group, efficiently maximizing the muscle work and the toning effect resulting in sculpted and lean arms, seat, thighs and core muscles.


Barre Sculpt

Dynamic total body sculpting workout in 55 minutes! Barre SCULPT takes your workout to another dimension incorporating heavier weight work throughout with a greater number of repetitions and a variety of props to tone and sculpt your muscles, rev your metabolism, and complement your routine. Barre SCULPT incorporates the best of functional weight training principles combined with fluid combinations of upper and lower body moves to give your muscles a power filled workout.


Barre Rebound

ReBound is a cardio based, dynamic, 55-minute class that incorporates intervals of high energy rebounding on a mini trampoline followed by sculpting moves designed to tone and strengthen your entire body. Elevate your cardio and take your workout to the next level with this high-intensity, low-impact, joint-safe class. Pink BarRebound is interval training that burns calories while sculpting your arms, core, seat and thighs in a fun, music-driven format. This class is the perfect complement to our traditional barre workout and will elevate your cardio fitness, improve your lymphatic flow, and strengthen your entire body! Sneakers required for this class.


arms + Abs Express

Our 45 minute format with extra emphasis on arms and core! Still a full body barre workout with additional upper body and abdominal work throughout our normal thigh and seat burners.


Barre Cardio

Barre Cardio is a combination of our Classic format plus 30 second bursts of high intensity interval training! Pink Barre Cardio is a 55 minute barre-based total body workout . Open to all levels.